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      What is the difference of each IBBL filter or refill and how to know which one is adaptable in my purifier or drinker?

      Below are the main differentials of each of the IBBL filters and refills for your IBBL purifier or drinker, know which models are compatible with each of our products.

      Which refill do I use in the IBAG Model BAG Drinker?

      The correct Refill for use in IBAG BAG Drinkers is IBBL ASTEC Pre-Filter.

      Which cartridge do I use in the BDF Drinker or PDF Pressure Purifier?

      In BDF Drinkers produced from Sep / 2016, only the PRE C 3 Refill should be used, models manufactured before Sep / 2016 use the PRE C 3 Refill and the Refill C 3 or Refill C 5. The PDF purifier must be used the Refil PRE C 3 and Refil C 5.
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      How to know when it is time to change the cartridge?

      • For products with cartridge change warning LEDs, such as the FR600 Expert, FR600 Exclusive and Evolux Purifiers: Replacement must be done when the LED light turns on RED.
      • For products without a replacement LED (other IBBL purifiers): We recommend that you inform the date on the filter when to install or replace it with the date of the next refill (6 months after the start of use). Another way of knowing when to change the cartridge is to notice the decrease of the jet of water, possibly the cartridge is already saturated. Know our line offilters and cartridges.

      Why should I change the Filter or Cartridge of the purifier every 6 months?

      Due to the variation of incoming water quality of the supply networks, we recommend that the replacement of the Cartridge of the purifier be made to the maximum every 6 months, with that it is possible to guarantee that the purifier stays within the quality standards and filtering . Know our line offilters and cartridges.

      After receiving my IBBL filter and cartridge, how do I make the replacement?

      Please see the instructions for the refill in the box of your purifier, for any doubt contact our representative in the country, doubts contact the central of Brazil: 55 11 2118-2143.

      Can I install any other brand of filter or cartridge in my IBBL Purifier?

      No. IBBL purifiers have exclusive brand lace, with the "turned, changed" system. In addition to that, we can only guarantee the water quality of our original Filters and Cartridges.
      Know our line of filters and cartridges.

      After the Cartridge change, the "Warning LED" remains RED / blinking. What should I do?

      After making the change it is necessary to press the RESET button. To do this, open the Cartridge housing, turn the cartridge to change it and, looking internally, you can locate the RESET button. Press the button for 5 seconds and the change warning LED returns to the blue color.


      Do the Purifiers already leave the factory with REFIL or should I buy them separately?

      IBBL Purifiers already have the cartridge, they are ready for use.

      Is the filtering system the same in all Purifiers?

      No, the IBBL has unique differentials in some products, such as the elimination of bacteria.
      For more information: IBBL CZ 7 REPLACEMENT.



      What is the difference between IBBL Purifiers and / or Drinkers? How to decide the best model for my company or residence?

      You can enter the individual page of each product and make your detailed inquiry or make a comparative among the products of the same category, for that, you must select the COMPARE gray button on the skirting board of each desired product.
      To consult the specific indication of the use for companies and residences, enter the page of the product of interest and see Technical Specifications, the item: Capacity.
      Obs: The criterion of suggestion for use in companies or residences is based on the capacity / time of delivery of refrigerated water.

      What is the difference between the MIO and AVANTI Purifiers?

      Both have the same characteristics as for Water Purification, the product differential is in its design and supply capacity. To consult the recommendation of use of each product, enter the page of the product of interest and see the Technical Specifications, the Capacity item.

      What is the type of refrigeration used in IBBL products?

      IBBL purifiers, drinkers, juicer and chiller use the Balanced Refrigeration system through an Eco Compressor that uses R-134a gas that does not damage the ozone layer. Compressor products save up to 4 times more energy when compared to electronic board cooling products. In addition to that, with compressor you can guarantee the cold water for real!

      What is the IBBL hot water purifier? Does this product supply cold and hot water?

      The FRQ-600 Purifier supplies hot and cold water, for hot water the average temperature is 85ºC.

      Do the white IBBL purifiers stay yellow over time?

      No, that does not happen because all products are treated and protected against Ultra Violet rays, which is why they do not stay yellow over time.

      Is it possible to regulate the cold water temperature of my IBBL Purifier or Drinker?

      All the FR600 Purifiers (Expert, Exclusive and Speciale) and the CAR-100 Drinking System have a thermostat for temperature control. In the purifiers this thermostat is located on the right side of the product, in the sprue, in the back. For more information, refer to the product manual.
      The Immaginare, Evolux and PDF purifiers and the BAG and BDF drinkers are already out of the factory with regulated cold water temperature. You can choose the best temperature by selecting the mixer button or by pressing the specific buttons on the products.


      What are the main uses? Can I place the product in my store with a broth or hot chocolate?

      Yes, the IBBL Hot Dispenser was developed to mix and serve hot drinks, at a constant temperature of 85 ° C, maintaining the creaminess and density (warming by water bath) of chocolates, broths, teas.


      What are the main uses? Can I use yogurt, juice, milk? The product can keep cold liquid to how many degrees?

      For more information: Click here.

      The quality of the water


      How to clean my product?

      External cleaning should only be done using neutral detergent and a wet microfiber cloth. For internal cleaning, contact the brand representative in your country.

      My bottle fountain is supplying water with a bad taste. What should I do?

      Your sprue may need a sanitization, for internal cleaning please look in your product manual or contact the representative of the IBBL brand in your country.


      Do IBBL filters alter PH of water?

      No, the filtering process of our Purifiers does not alter the pH of the water. After passing through the filter, the water does not suffer any alteration in the pH.

      Can I use my purifier in artesian well water?

      Yes, since the water is treated and within the potability standards.