Compliance certifications exist to attest that a product, service or system meets the requirements of a standard, specification or technical regulation. By complying with these requirements, a product becomes a guarantee of performance and safety for its users. Get to know the certifications and associations that attest to the quality of IBBL products.


      Certification of products in the domestic market according to NBR NM - Appliances IEC 335-1 - safety devices. It is mandatory according to Decree 191 of December 10, 2003


      The certification of products in the Argentine market according to the standard IEC 60335-2-75 IEC 60335-1e, both Electrical Appliances Security. It is obligatory according to Resolution 92/98 of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Argentine Republic.


      Marcando el producto a la Comunidad Europea, de acuerdo con las Directivas 73/23 y 89/336, que, además de garantizar la seguridad del producto también cumple con los requisitos de compatibilidad electromagnética, es decir, los dispositivos no producen ninguna interferencia o ruido electromagnético.

      Directive RoHS

      By marking the product to the European Community, in accordance with Directives 73/23 and 89/336, which in addition to ensuring the safety of the product also complies with electromagnetic compatibility requirements, ie the devices do not produce any interference or noise electromagnetic.


      Product certification only for potable water sources for the American and Canadian markets, according to UL 399 and CSA C22.2 No. 120 - Safety of drinking fountains.


      Product certification only for refrigerators for the American and Canadian markets, according to UL 471 and CSA C22.2 No. 120 - Refrigerated Product Safety for commercial use and also by ANSI / NSF 18, which corresponds to certainty all health measures.